You know you are Hungarian when …. Part 2

What makes you Hungarian? It is not about wearing the national costume on holidays or about knowing all the 8 stanzas of our national anthem by heart. It is all about the culture that you were brought up in. The little things that make up our everyday lives, our individual habits and lifestyles. collected a bunch of funny bits and pieces from the everyday life of Hungarians, those sometimes exaggerated habits that we all witness in our families. These are the funniest, most unique things in our lives that, when reading them, you are going to be like “this is soooo true.”

You know you’re Hungarian when…

  • You have seen chicken feet in your soup.
  • You think sour cream and paprika should have their own spots on the food pyramid.
  • Store-brand paprika will not even be considered as an option.
  • Even if you despise szaloncukor, you must buy at least two boxes because Christmas is coming.
  • You speak louder than anyone at work, and then you realise you are carrying your family’s Hungarian volume level with you and must tone it down.
  • Literally every recipe starts with sautéed onions and paprika.
  • You grew up with catching the chicken yourself for Sunday soup, watching your Grandmother cut its neck, save the blood, make the best soup you have ever had in your whole life, including the feet.
  • Somehow, every dish has a pound of butter in it.
  • Growing up, you fought over who got to eat the marrow from the soup bone.
  • Eating dinner food for breakfast is the norm, and pancakes are a dessert.
  • You use sour cream like most people use ketchup.

And this is not all. Tumblr has given us some funny memes as well. These were created by the youknowyourehungarianwhen-blog.



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